The pioneering philosophy behind our Skagway brewery

During the Klondike Gold Rush, intrepid men and women braved the elements and the unknown to travel north in search of gold. These were Skagway’s pioneers and they worked hard to forge Alaska’s first city in one of Southeast’s most rugged valleys. When they were done working, they wanted good beer. Skagway Brewing Company opened its doors to thirsty Stampeders in 1897 and the rest is history.

Today, we carry on the proud tradition of serving hand-crafted beer to weary travelers and hard-working locals. However, there are a few key differences. Our brewery was built on a foundation of sustainability. This pioneering approach ensures the exceptional quality of our brews while protecting the beauty of this Great Land around you.

A better way to brew

Your beer was brewed in our state-of-the-art Skagway brewery. As Co2 is generated during the brewing process, it’s captured and diverted to our aeroponic indoor farm where we grow greens for our restaurants and brewing ingredients for our hand-crafted beers. This process increases the growing capacity of our indoor garden by up to 20%.

The steam we use during the brewing process is tempered from a boiler that runs on bio diesel fuel. Bio diesel that we converted ourselves from the used fryer oil from all three of our establishments.  This fuel also heats our entire building and tempers all of the domestic hot water in the building. You can call it “green” or “eco-friendly,” but it’s a responsible way to minimize our impact on this incredible place we call home.


Our Skagway brewery is where the locals hang out and it’s a proud tradition since the infamous Days of ’98.

We invite you to become a part of that history.


Aeroponics is a highly efficient closed-loop grow system that uses less water compared to other methods of food production.

No harmful pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides are used.

Plants are suspended with their canopy in the light and their roots are in the dark in an enclosed chamber.

A fine mist of nutrient-rich water is sprayed at regular intervals in the root chamber, which is absorbed by fine root hairs.

The root hairs increase the surface area of the roots which increases the nutrient-uptake capabilities. 

Any nutrients not absorbed are recirculated back into the system, recycling H20 and nutrients.

The surplus of oxygen surrounding the roots accelerates the nutrient absorption by the root hairs which leads to a faster rate of growth.

The root chamber is an oxygen-rich environment where the roots can grow unencumbered. CO2 waste from the brewing process will be captured then diverted and used to increase production rate 20%.

on the third floor We have a year-round FARM with a high production rate in a small space, giving us food security for our restaurants & the community of Skagway.


We live in Alaska because we treasure fresh air and clean water. We value our time spent in nature and we respect this great land of ours. We carry this over to the food we cook, the beer we brew and the establishments we operate. We carry this over to you, our valued patron. It’s not just a way to conduct business, it’s a way of life and we’re proud of who we are and what we do.


Here at Skagway Brewing, we’re dedicated to carry on the pioneering spirit by bringing you the best possible meal, beer, and overall brewpub experience possible. All the while doing it in a manner that is sustainable. Aeroponics, bio-diesel, locally sourced fish, our bar tops are made from reclaimed lumber and our straws (should you request one) are made of paper. It’s the big things, it’s the little things. It’s lessening our impact on the environment today and for future generations to come.


Skagway is a small town with a year-round population that hovers around 1,000 residents, but our brewpub is one of the largest in the State of Alaska. This is our home.  We invite you to come for the beer and stay for a good time. Our Skagway brewery is where the locals hang out and it’s a proud tradition since the infamous Days of ’98.

We invite you to become a part of that history.

Skagway Brewing Company strives to build and maintain a sustainable business by purchasing products that are environmentally and socially responsible and utilizing local resources when possible.